Monday, February 20, 2012

county attorneys

Here is something I got off a list serve and have not researched to vouch for the info... comments welcome if this is not correct. Thank you.


Robert J. Fitzsimmons
Andrew B. Howard
Clarissa D. Garvey
Charles E. Hoag, Jr.
Tal G. Rappleyea
Robert J. Fitzsimmons
Barrett D. Mack
Brent R. Stack

Assistant District Attorneys: ALL REGISTERED REPUBLICANS

David M. Costanzo
James A. Carlucci
H. Neal Conolly
Carl G. Whitbeck, Jr.
Dominic J. Cornelius
Robert M. Gibson 

Public Defenders:

Public Defender: Arlene Levinson
1st Assistant Public Defender
Robert Linville


Maryellen Minor
Ian L. Crimmins
Kenneth G. Cranna
Virginia D. Mallon
Michael C. Howard
Jessica Howser
David Seth Michaels 

Now check the NYS Board of Elections website and who contributed to the Republican Party in the last political campaigns. 

Money for jobs: that's what it is all about. Same thing for the rest of the County payroll.

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  1. I think the basic thrust of your post is correct. However, I would be truly shocked if David Seth Michaels were a registered Republican. Also, I believe Giff Whitbeck used to be a registered Democrat; it's possible he's switched recently.

    Also, there is at least one other lawyer on the list who is well-known to be a very progressive guy, but who maintains his GOP registration because it's long been a prerequisite for getting County work.