Sunday, May 15, 2011

5-15-11: more coming... check in tomorrow

Photo Contest:

I will post the photos for our contest in a little bit, today.


I have videos of various events that I hope to post tomorrow.

Breaking News:

More official misconduct! Report tomorrow.

Resolutions online issue:

"NYSDOT records show the Walkers Mill Road/Klein Kill project is taking place 2 miles south of Lithlingo, not Copake."

This refers to:

I'm glad we found that typo in the resolution. Unfortunately, it's already been passed by the Columbia County Board of Supervisors.

For some time, a couple of us, really very few, have been pushing for these resolutions to be online for just this reason: to let the public look them over before the supervisors vote. I found the resolutions, I forwarded them to Susan, she posted them here, and Linda found a typo. That's the power of the crowd, a small crowd.

Next time, we might find a bigger problem. The public should and can have a roll in oversight. Plus, are these resolutions secret?

So, if you might, please consider emailing the county officials to encourage them to always put the resolutions online before they vote.

And thank you Susan for your concern about this project and making sure we don't miss out on funding for environmentally friendly development and road construction, assuming I understand the issue. Copake could be a biking destination, for example.

Here are the people I emailed about the resolutions.



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