Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5-12-11: where are the resolutions, new lebanon audit story continues, bike paths, foreclosures, math jokes, infinity

Didn't the Columbia County Board of Supervisors say they would post their resolutions online? I don't see the May resolutions. Didn't they just meet and vote? Are we supposed to see them before or after they vote?

Remember this report from the Comptroller's office? Colleen Teal, New Lebanon Town Clerk, says there are errors in it and she called the Comptroller's Office and they pulled the report for review.  Alert: New Lebanon situation is DEVELOPING. No conclusions yet.

By the way, so far in my investigations, I would like to thannk Colleen Teal, Clerk in New Lebanon and Cheryl E. Rogers, Town of Taghkanic Clerk. Both of these clerks
have been very good about getting information out to the public an engaging in dialogue and not trying to stall and deny information, in my experience. Thank you.

I will be issuing a more comprehensive report comparing town governments soon. Not everyone is as good as Ms. Teal and Ms. Rogers. This has nothing to do with the quality of the information, only openness and willingness to help get information out quickly and efficiently.

Boy, this law is so stupid... it's embarrassing. Like, say, the chicken law from Stuyvesant or a planning board or fancy lawyer that can't do simple algebra.

Hudson schools don't do well on the tests, and FLYING DEER! LISTEN!

Meetings tonight: Copake. Get going on that bike path. Make COPAKE THE BIKE CAPITAL of UPSTATE NEW YORK. TONIGHT!!!!!

Also, Stuyvesant is tonight. Stuyvesant is gunning for the Stupid Capital of New York.

Not that many foreclosures in Columbia County. But if you are in trouble:

Goal for the evening- provide attendees with a basis to prevent foreclosure through knowledge, planning and action

6pm Wed. May 18, 2011
St. Mary's Academy
301 Allen St.
(corner of 3rd St. and Allen St.)
Hudson, NY 12534

Banality of evil doers part 2.

This guy is an awesome photographer.

No doubt about it, Florida banned all sexual activity.

Republicans in Western New York have to get their story straight.

Chance to get into an historic house.

Don't forget Big Up.

Dandelion lunch in New Lebanon. I mean, eat dandelions.

List of historic markers in the county.

Typographic map.

Need a pet squirrel?

Here is the cool house in Claverack again.

This article has the world Kinderhook in it.

From the onion and

But this one is now false: I just googled "strip by mail chess" and started a game of it. If I loose by the end of the month I may have to remove my socks, if I am still wearing socks at that time. 

So infinity comes in many sizes. There is an infinity between 0 and 0.1 for example. If you added up all the numbers between 0 and 1:

.99999999 + .99999998 + .9999997 + .99999999999999999999 + .9999

It's going to be huge.

And there are more irrational numbers (Pi, square root of 2, etc.) than rational (1/2, 5, 4 million) just as there is more black space than stars although both are sort of infinite.

So is there a number BETWEEN the number of irrational and rational numbers, a medium sized infinity? Yes and no. I mean, we have proofs that show yes and that show no.

It's true and not true. There is and there isn't. Anyway, who cares, it's not a math question.

"So is there a number BETWEEN the number of irrational and rational numbers, a medium sized infinity?"

Not a math question?

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