Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7-12-11: beth cozzolino and her DWI brother-in-law

Little league.

On my other blog, I get a bit petty.

City of Hudson has a dead Facebook page. Must be a live one too.

Lendra's Law and the Cozzolino case. Here are the comments about Beth Cozzolino:

This should come as no surprise to anyone. DA Cozzolino has taken care of “friends” and family for years. Look at the County Clerks brother who has received special treatment for years. There are many more examples as well.
Then there is everyone else. The women arrested in Greeenport and had her kids taken away and had to have supervised visits. The 20 year old who is being made to plea to the felony. But the DA’s brother in law gets off with a $700 fine, no probation, no DSS and the records get sealed.

The sad part is she now wants to be a Judge in Columbia County. Time for Cozzolino to go. She has no business running for Judge and the Columbia County Republicans should be embarrased to have her on the ticket.

Recusal aside, this does not look good for Cozzolino. The long arm of political influence is still there regardless.

Drinking and driving is dangerous enough. But to have children in the car is inexcusable (BAC of .06, .10 or off the charts doesn’t matter when innocent kids are involved).

And he DID deserve the Felony. He was drunk and he was driving and his kids were in the car, all the elements of the crime. Afterall HER office is or has made the 20 year old take the Felony.
I agree with Poppy, there is no doubt either she directly or inditrectly was involved in this. Her husband,ex-CCSO DA Investigator, was there that night,after the arrest. Did he talk with anyone? How about the Judge, did her husband talk with him?
This is not the only time she has done these things. She is a terrible candidate for Judge. She will destroy the rest of the GOP Candidates for sure.

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