Thursday, March 10, 2011

3-10-11: speaking truth to power

Columbia County Board of Supervisors March 8, 2011 from glencadia on Vimeo.

I told the county board of supervisors last night they have a hole in their roof and shouldn't be renovating their kitchen. You can ignore the hole for awhile but eventually your house will fall down. The house will fall that much faster and harder if it is also crooked.

Columbia County government: a crooked house. Valerie Bertram chair of the Ethic Board: the hole in the roof.

Martin Roby is responsible for the county supervisors agreeing to post the full text of the resolutions online before voting on them. Way to go Martin. But where is the URL to the resolutions?

Sam Pratt has a must read post on Hudson politics. Now you get it.

Hillsdale library book talk. Nice site Hillsdale.

Greenway is pushing trails in Columbia County too.

Captain Robinson's grave in Copake. Was he a pirate? Who was he? I can't read the inscription.

Magazine profile of Copake resident.

Labor trouble at Taconic Hills school district. Started with a personal thing between the union rep and a board member? I'm suspicious of claims that an issue is "just personal." The personal may follow the real issue, which then get cloudy with personal acrimony. I don't call that a personal conflict. And as to the rumor that the principle who lives north of Albany calls snow days when it snows in Albany but isn't so bad here, I would normally think that is likely to be a myth: who would do that? Why would he have the power to call a snow day on his own? Why wouldn't he check the ongoing weather at the relevant point, that is the school? So I doubt that story. But if it's true, it's worse than it appears.

Chamber of Commerce members largely optimistic. I think I filled out the survey and said the government was corrupt but business was up a bit over last year.

Flasher alert! This guy is the one dropping his pants.

State commissioner dies of heart attack at 60.

Old postcard of the day: New Lebanon.

Compare Forks Washington to Copake New York? Click that link! This is actually kind of interesting, how expensive Copake (and the rest of this County is) BEFORE you add in our OUTRAGEOUSLY high taxes. If this comparison included real estate taxes...

I bet Forks, Washington maintains their roads at 57% of the cost of maintaining our roads. And that guy making $50,000 in the comparison is going to pay for that to.

TIDES Hudson: High, 5:53 p.m./Low, 11:54 p.m.
SUNRISE/SUNSET 6:17 a.m./6:16 p.m.
MOONRISE/MOONSET 8:02 a.m./10:56 p.m.

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